Saturday, April 23, 2011

fun. at the Clift Hotel

"Be Calm"

it will sound best with the volume rather low due to the poor audio quality

fun. played an acoustic set at the redwood room of the clift hotel on 4/22/11. Simply put they were awesome. The atmosphere was weird, I personally just don't feel at home in swanky hotels. I showed up around 9 and the band didn't play until 11 so I found myself awkwardly pacing around and in and out of the hotel bar for a few hours. I saw some people drinking from a bottle of whisky in the bathroom and decided to follow their lead. A $10 and 5 minute stroll later I had found my way around the $8 bottles of anchor steam. 1/4 of the way through said purchased bottle I was sufficiently less awkward feeling and didn't care much about my surroundings. After some hotel employee asked me too move out from his table's view of the show I met some nice people on the opposing side of the stage and traded smuggled bud light for smuggled Jack Daniel's over a conversation of fun. and the format. The band came out and played most of their first record "aim and ignite" as well as two new songs. They also played and interesting rendition of runaway by Kanye West.I find it lame when a band plays a low key show like this and you can almost hear the roar of a crowd of people talking over the band playing, shit's frustrating ya know? Disrespectful shits. Despite the lame location their set was legit. I am excited to hear more of their new material. Nate R's voice is incredible. I don't really care for show reviews much because they can most always be summed up in 7 words.
"I guess you had to be there."

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