Wednesday, October 5, 2011


     My friend Stuart lent me his nikon macro lens so I took some photos of bugs outside of the de Young.

Weedeater at the Independent

     I don't find myself listen to weedeater all that often. Their records just don't seem to do much for me. With that said, everytime I catch one of their rowdy sets I remember why they are so awesome. Their recordings are good, they just don't quite represent how rad the songs sound when performed live and loud as shit.

    All of the bands I caught at the Independent on this night were awesome, but the staff at the door really pissed me off. Within seconds of shoveling out $18 for a show that would be $10 at a rad venue like parkside or submission the two dumbasses checking IDs and bags were fucking with me. Checking my ID, handing it back, saying they need to see it again, throwing it in my bag as its getting checked instead of just handing it to me like a normal door fellow should, trying to take my camera battery for a show that didn't require a photo pass. I am not some prick who thinks they deserve to be treated like gold or some shit like that. I am used to punk venues and houses where people fuck with each other and the people running the show can be dicks, but those shows cost 5-8 bucks and the people "working" there don't really get paid.  I've also been to plenty of shows at the independent where the staff were awesome, but those were bluegrass, folk, or indie shows. Maybe they are just dicks to metal kids. Oh well, I've heard a lot of shit talk on that venue and now I understand.

Saviours at the Independent

     Saviours were awesome as always. Deaths Procession is a cool record. I find myself listening to it while riding my bike quite a bit and it was rad seeing them play it live.