Thursday, March 3, 2011

Last night....

While at work some homeless fellow decided to use the restroom at my work. He walked up to me and offered a "thank you" for the opportunity to use said facility. At this point I could sense guilt so I decided to scope out the situation. I entered the small restroom to find an unbearable odor. After quickly shutting the door and mentally preparing myself for whatever I may endure next I burst back in to find what seemed to be a presentable restroom(aside from the aforementioned odor obviously). I opted to neglect to do anything about the situation and return to work assuming someone had just had a rough time in there. An hour or so later I had to take out the trash for the evening. When I entered to restroom to tend to its receptacle I noticed the odor was still lingering. I pulled out the trash bag unleashing a smell which my inability to eat since the occasion can only describe. Inside the transparent bag I saw two wool socks covered in human feces. The smell made perfect sense at this point in time, wool socks after being worn for a month straight before being used as toilet paper. Part of me asks, Why don't I have new job yet while the other just wants to know why someone would neglect to use the restroom tissue provided over their filthy socks.

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